Did you know that the word “deja vu” has an antonym?

Do I need to explain to anyone what deja vu is? This is something that already seemed to happen to us, but at the same time could not be. A person who has lived for a certain moment suddenly realizes that this is not the first time this has happened. But is this really possible? And, nevertheless, at least once in life, but deja vu happens to everyone.

There is another condition that many people also experienced, but did not know what it was called. It happens that you can’t remember something, some situation that exactly happened, but where and when you encountered it — memory is silent. It’s a Presque vu, an unusual and poorly understood property of our memory.

Jamevue is another human condition. A person is told that something happened to him, they describe the details, but he does not remember it at all.

All three conditions are studied by psychologists at different levels, experimented upon, but the most prominent scientists cannot explain the nature of these phenomena. Meanwhile, they continue to trouble us.

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