17 photo evidence that cats are aliens who forget about camouflage

This trick is known to all fantasy fans: if an extraterrestrial creature in the guise of a human thinks that no one is watching, it relaxes and may fail.

To do something that people are not able to do, because they have a different body structure and habits. At first glance, cats are quite ordinary creatures, but thanks to the efforts of caring earthlings, we have collected a lot of evidence that they are not from our world!

Little brain invader tries to subdue the careless man

It does it strictly at 8:43, on Wednesdays, in the leap year

Reflex attempt to curl into a ball like a hedgehog

Well I’m tired of the «catwalk», let the paws rest

On our homeworld, it’s the only way we hunt

It is a sacred pose «Z» for communication with the orbital base

The man is displeased, but obeys!

Cloaking’s not working

I hope they don’t know I’m too smart

I can’t wait to go home to Tau Kot

It’s the only way I can sleep

I’m going to transform!

I was caught again by these Earthlings

And the commander said it was simple here

And then I’m out the window!

I’ll sit here and see if I can steal their Internet passwords



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