17 photos of animals that do God knows what

Do not wait for logic from those who have no idea what it is. But then what can we expect from them? Our smaller brothers, even if they are not very small, like to do something that makes the brain freeze. Just like now.

Everyone is dancing!

How are you holding up there, cat?

Will it be ready soon?

A very strange dish

How to look for adventures on a fluffy ass

There is Dracula, and there is Catakula!

Let him know who is the boss here!

Just don’t look back, man!

Мy precious!

Cats, typical cats

Where did you get my portrait, and even such a different one?

A gloomy girl showed her pussy

When you caught two at once, and what to do with it is unclear

Great Goddess!

Who wouldn’t do that?

It did not lose weight for the summer and here is the result

The most superhero puppy in the world!

And that’s not all, because they don’t stop being weird. We just don’t have time to fix everything.

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