15 proofs that handsome men only get better with age

No wonder they say that women are like flowers, and men are like wine. Women are very good in their youth, but over time they fade, lose their attractiveness. Whereas men are hardly suitable for anything when they are young, but with age, they become charismatic and desirable. Hollywood actors are an example of this.

Jake Gyllenhaal, 38 and 32 years old

Ryan Gosling, 37 and 18 years old

Christian Bale, 45 and 22 years old

Dwayne Johnson, 47 and 25 years old

Tom Cruise, 56 and 33 years old

Tom Hardy, 41 and 28 years old

Bradley Cooper, 44 and 31 years old

Matt Dillon, 56 and 26 years old

Ryan Reynolds, 41 and 26 years old

Daniel Craig, 52 and 27 years old

Brad Pitt, 52 and 26 years old

Hugh Jackman, 49 and 34 years old

Cillian Murphy, 42 and 25 years old

Benedict Cumberbatch, 41 and 28 years old

Matt Dimon, 48 and 27 years old

Yes, we can say that Hollywood actors are not quite ordinary men, but in general the rule works.

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