13 proofs that the best angle for shooting cats is from below through the glass

All cat owners know that cats do not know how to pose on command. These are not some kind of dogs for you! Therefore, you need to seize the moment, look for favorable angles, and even better-adjust them! The most profitable option, as proven in practice, is a glass surface.

Am I the cutest person in the world?

Come on, can’t I fool around?

Heavy thoughts I think

And what did you think the cat looks like from below?

This cat was flattened

Oh, hello

I’m telling you, man, this smells bad.

Yes, we are liquid. Didn’t you know?

Today is Cat paws Day

This is how your favorite cat pose looks like

Too sweet

Be envious! Yes, you, envy me!


Do you have such photos of your cats?

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