The man saved a small animal and now his best friend lives in his house

That day Bogdan was returning home and had no idea that in a few minutes his life would change dramatically. When he entered the entrance, his gaze fell on the little “something” that was lying near the steps. When he got closer, he realized that it was a cub of an animal that needed help at that moment.

A good man took the baby to his home. There he already realized that he is so small that he can not even eat. So he had to feed the animal from the pipette.

The men called the “founding” Lucky. The next day, after a visit to the veterinarian, it turned out that it was a cub of Barguzin sable and he has a foot injury.

Even when Lucky grew up his foot still bothered him, but it did not prevent him to walk and frolic.

Not for nothing, he was given the name Lucky because he was lucky to meet a good man who saved him and became his best friend.

Even though Barguzin sable is a wild animal, it gets along well in the human house, most likely because it is there almost from the first days of life.

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