A man sold a car to save his dog’s life

A guy named Randy Esther has a real friend-a dog named Gemini. They are always together and very rarely separated. About two years ago, a young man sheltered a dog when he was only a couple of months old and since then they have been very attached.

Twins is a very kind dog, he enjoyed playing with the little daughter of Randy’s friend. The baby thought it was funny to throw a bottle on the floor, and the dog picked it up. But one day, unnoticed by everyone, the Twins swallowed the rubber nozzle from the bottle.

Over time, the animal became ill and no one could understand what was wrong…

Because of the pet’s illness, Randy had to quit his job, but this was not the worst thing, most of all he was afraid that he would not be able to save his four-legged friend.

Later, doctors determined that there was a foreign body inside the animal. An operation worth $ 4,500 was required. The guy did not have such a sum and he decided to sell the car just to save his dog.

Also, caring friends came to the rescue, who gave him money for the treatment of the pet.


Fortunately, everything ended well, Twins is on the mend And Randy is very happy that his best friend is alive and will soon be completely healthy.

“This is my best friend! He is always there for me, and I just wanted to thank him, ” says the owner.


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