17 adorable proofs that pets are just fluffy people

« If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas. » Here different domestic animals got in touch with a person and learned from him … everything. Therefore, it is not very surprising when some of them behave just like people.

Capricious furry pussy.

Oops … it seems that I will be punished

When one dog is clearly not happy with the other

When my mother demands that my brother and I stop fighting and sit next to each other for a family photo

« Becoming a mother is great », they said! Motherhood makes a woman happy, they said!

That’s what I do when no one sees me

Illustration of the expression « Cough cough, »

Often, working together looks like this

Our friendly team!

When you’re doing your best to pose for Instagram

Uh … I swear by my mother-cat, it’s not my paws ‘ business!

Judging by the scratched furniture, karma had caught up with him

And what is an »integral »?

Have they left yet? Can I go out? »

Here I look and I don’t understand: and who are you like?

That’s what I dream of doing instead of working

When you need to do an urgent task and the « assistant » appears.

There are, of course, not all types. But quite enough!


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