When your cat is a hunter: a selection of very cute and funny photos with pets

By nature, cats have a hunter’s instinct. They can sit in ambush for a long time, watch their prey, quietly sneak up, hide and attack at the right moment! And the victim is not always a mouse, a bird or a beetle, sometimes it is the most ordinary wrapper on a thread, but what can you do — instincts. After all, cats are real predators, they catch mice and sometimes get into the funniest situations.

Today we have prepared for you a fun selection of photos in which these real hunters, however.

Wait a minute… Something went wrong here… The instinct of sleep overcame the instinct of the hunter…

« All right, you got it! Who is a baby here?! »

« Now, now I’ll jump, now … if it’s not scary! »

« All right, I’ve sharpened my claws, can I go hunting? »

« Master, don’t thank me, I’m treating you today! »

« Fly, fly… »

Collective hunt for the sunbeam

A vampire

« Oh, how scary I am! Fear me! »

« At least not to fall asleep in an ambush, like that comrade above… »

Bang-bang! Ow-w-w-w!



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