There was a time when Christina weighed only 17 kilograms … here’s what she looks like after treatment

22-years-old Christina is from Barnaul. The girl became famous after participating in the famous project run by Andrei Malakhov. At that time, Christina Koryagina weighed only 17 kg, and because of this, she looked like an old woman.

As Christina said, her problems with food began at school, when she could not eat anything for days before exams. And no matter how much the girl’s mother tried to bring her daughter to mind, to force her to eat, still, nothing worked.

At one point, all the doctors refused to treat the young girl, and they were convinced that the girl’s condition was very serious and that nothing could help her.

It was only after participating in the famous show that Christina’s question was taken up by psychotherapist Ian Holland, who not only prescribed medication but also restored Christina’s motivation and made her believe in her powers.

Now the girl weighs 30 kilos. Of course, there is still a lot to be done to achieve a flawless figure, but it is impossible not to notice that she has significant positive changes. At least she doesn’t look like an old woman anymore.



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