A cat is a insecure soul, it can be offended, too…

All cat owners know firsthand that these animals are so vulnerable.

Sometimes in the middle of the game, they don’t watch their claws and paws and can hurt their owner or damage furniture. How often have you ever caught these tailed friends on the table, eating the owner’s dinner?

Because of this, of course, we raise our voices at them, scold them, or we can lock them in another room as a punishment.

But do not think that they do not feel anything, they, like people, know how to be offended. Just on this topic, we have prepared for you a few photo examples where four-legged animals show their character.

“What happened?”- “Nothing!”

I’m not going to speak to you!

And I don’t need your sausage! Bye…

You’re going to ask me to hang on the curtain!

I confused a vase with a toilet, what’s a big deal?

Do you feel sorry for that poor chicken feet?

Now you’ll wake up on your own in the morning

They feel sorry for the fish, you see…

The whole neighborhood laughed at me, I won’t wear this anymore!

Don’t give me any of your innocent stares.

I gave you my “Ew” 

I’ve already thought of a plan for revenge!

It was punished…

They also put photos on the Internet…



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