The rarest dwarf possums have been saved!

In Australia, biologists were surprised and delighted to find that the pygmy possums did not die, as previously thought! These adorable babies survived and now delight everyone, from young to old!

Well, what a charm this is! Already tears of emotion are welling up!

They are really so small and therefore it is not surprising that they were difficult to find. In 2019 in Australia during the incredible strength and scale of the fires, the wild nature got more than people, so there was almost no chance for such babies to survive. And they survived and were actually rediscovered.

A whole family can fit in one palm.

Kangaroo Island in the southwest of the continent before the fire consisted of a third of nature reserves, and now there are ashes. The flora is recovering, but the fauna is less lucky, so the discovery of intact dwarf possums is a miracle. Scientists can’t yet explain how they managed to escape, but they note that several dozen more species of small animals survived, which were recorded as destroyed.

Now dwarf possums live in the largest surviving woodland on the island.


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