10 very big cats that can be adorable and scary at the same time

Cats are deservedly considered the most popular pets. Emotions that they can give with one of their funny looks, cannot be compared with anything else. Just look at these ten mustachioed pets

Photo 1. It seems that a man is doomed to pet this cat forever.

Photo 2. A new winter fur coat turned the cat into a fluffy triangle.

Photo 3. The brazen manipulator

Photo 4. This cat itself is already tired because of its own size. Just look at its eyes

Photo 5. Mainkun is still young, so make no mistake: this cat will be even bigger.

Photo 6. This user has long wanted to take a picture of a huge friend of her parents.

Just look at the size of this cat

Photo 8. This cat is ready to do anything for the sake of goodies

Photo 9. The proportion of plumpness and cuteness is perfectly observed

Photo 10. Just realize how this cat looks next to an adult man.

These amazing and predominantly thoroughbred giant cats look as if they can replace watchdogs. In fact, these “kids” are charming and lazy pets. They’re just a couple of times bigger than regular cats, but that’s nothing.


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