The dog from Kryvyi Rih spent 3 long years on the grave of the owner

The loyalty of dogs is sometimes amazing. This dog lived with its owner in one of the Ukrainian cities, and when the owner died, the animal was left alone and it went to live on the grave.

Even though that many of the deceased’s neighbors knew about the tragic fate of the dog, no one dared to take it. In the cemetery, the dog ate what was left on the graves, and sometimes went to look for food in the city. Employees of the cemetery even tried to take the animal away, but the faithful Hachiko again returned to his usual place.

So three years of wandering passed. One day a man came to the cemetery to visit the graves of relatives and saw a dog that faithfully guarded the burial place of its owner.

He posted a post about it on social networks and soon was able to contact local animal rights activists. They took the dog to a shelter, and now this Hachiko is looking for new owners. It is about 7 years old, it is kind and affectionate. And all the dog needs is someone who loves him and cares for him.

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