Little puppies which definitely know a lot about rest!

Little puppies always cause only the kindest emotions. These babies are so funny and pretty, and they always do what they want and where they want: play, run, frolic, and even sleep. And this is the most correct example of how to rest. We all know that healthy sleep is the key to health and a good mood!

Today we have collected for you a very funny selection of photos in which these babies sleep! Everyone should be able to relax like this!

Fell asleep at work

It’s just that the paws have not yet fallen asleep and are going to run.

And these paws fell asleep

Sat down to watch a movie, it didn’t work out

No-no, I’m not sleeping …


I keep my paws so they don’t run away


Something is so worn out …

As it stood, it fell asleep

This one, probably, also did not finish the movie.

And then everything went right

If only it didn’t snore …

Didn’t wait for lunch



The coziest place to sleep

Caring owner

He fell asleep in an ambush.

Let me sleep!


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