The web discusses a 62-year-old grandmother who has the perfect figure – like a model

In today’s world, many women do not want to put up with age changes and therefore often resort to the services of a beautician and plastic surgeon.

But today we’ll tell you about the woman who found the secret of eternal youth.

62-year-old Englishwoman Sheila Kiss all her life worked as a model, but now she travels a lot and loves to play sports. Just as before, she continues to lead a healthy lifestyle, and after retirement did not stop using beauty secrets.

So at 62 years old, she looks just gorgeous.

Sheila says that in her life there is a lot of sports, she does about 6 times a week for 2 hours. That’s why she has such a beautiful figure now. The woman assures that there is no miracle or genetics here, every woman can look like this, if at least from the age of 30 she starts to play sports almost every day. Only this is the key to a beautiful figure.


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