Feeding cat threw newborn kittens and ran away into the woods

One woman who had a cat named Pusha gave birth to kittens. All would be nothing, but the owner noticed that newborn babies are alone during the day, they are constantly squealing and call their mother. And so it went on for many days.

As a result, the woman decided to follow Pusha, and find out why she leaves her cubs for a long time. It turned out that the cat every day, after feeding the kids, ran away into the forest, which was just behind the residential block.

When the owner saw exactly where her mustachioed pet ran away, she was just petrified of the picture. Pusha resorted to three abandoned newborn squirrels and fed them milk.

It is not clear how the cat found these red-haired babies, but her maternal instinct was turned on immediately.

The woman brought the blind squirrels to her home and put them in a box with kittens so that Pusha is no longer torn between her and someone else’s kids.

Cat-mother immediately began to lick the red cubs and feed them as if they were her own children.

The owner of the mother-heroine reported to the zoological club about the unexpected find. Everyone agreed that as long as the squirrels are small, they should live with the cat.

This is the boundless love our smaller brothers show us. People should learn from them.




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