Eternal beauty. Celebrity Brigitte Bardot remains a style icon even at 86

It’s hard to believe, but world-famous celebrity Brigitte Bardot turned 86 in September. Even at this age, she is still active and, as we can see, she has not lost her charm.

As a teenager, she had many complexes, like all her comrades, she was very modest.

It was thanks to ballet that she became a real beauty, was proud of herself, and gained confidence.

She began her modeling career when the dancer was invited to pose for a fashion magazine.

She was so eccentric and attractive that she began her acting career in 1953.

A French movie star and renowned animal rights activist, she has long gone down in world history and is considered a living legend.

However, she doesn’t like being called that: it’s much nicer and more important for a celebrity when the Brigitte Bardot Foundation animal welfare fund, which she founded in 1986, is in the spotlight.

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