This is the oldest MOTHER in the world! She is 101 and has given birth to a baby!

Fertility is believed to decline with age, writes CureJoy.
Usually, childbearing age falls on those years when we still have the strength and time to tinker with children. But scientific and technological progress has long learned to reverse the laws of nature.

Recently, the world was shocked by the news: a 101-year-old Italian woman gave birth to a 4-kg baby after an ovarian transplant.

Some doctors criticized this case because the woman decided to transplant ovaries, conception, and childbirth at the wrong age. The transplant surgery was performed by Dr. Alexandro Popolichchi at a private clinic in Turkey. Such procedures are illegal in the European Union.

The mother, Anatolia Vertadella, calls the birth of her 17th child Francesco “proof of the Lord’s power.” She said she felt God had punished her with ovarian cancer at the age of 48 when she already had 16 children. But now God has returned to her the gift of procreation.

Dr. Popolicci says that no one has the right to condemn a woman. Anatolia, according to him, gave birth to a wonderful, healthy baby, for which one can only thank God. The doctor says that in a world where many children are born by chance or no one needs them, one should be happy for a baby who will have a big loving family.

Vertadella’s husband died in 1998. She found a sperm donor via the Internet – this is a 26-year-old Catholic, which was essential for a deeply devout mother.

She doesn’t expect the father to be involved in raising the child. She confesses her love for her late husband and says that she will remain a widow until she dies. Pregnancy, she said, was necessary for her to carry out the higher plan.

This is not the first time a woman has given birth at such a respectable age. Before that, Malegwale Ramokgopa from South Africa was considered the oldest mother. She was born in 1839 and became the mother of twins in 1931 – at the age of 92!


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