The horse sank to the ground to give birth. And then in front of the owner there was a real miracle!

When a child is born in the world, we cannot help but say: “Oh, what a miracle!”

But the real miracle happened last week, when a mare, unknown at that time, gave birth. The whole interest is that she gave birth to not one foal, but two at once.

A mare named Emma went against statistics and gave birth to two foals at once.

The scientific fact is that, although horses can get pregnant with two foals, it is unlikely that they will be able to give birth to them both fully healthy. The odds that both foals will survive are 10,000 to 1.

When a mare is carrying two foals, they are constantly competing with each other in the womb, and the chances that they will be born alive and well are negligible.

Usually one of the embryos dies or the other absorbs the first. Sometimes even veterinarians perform an abortion to ensure the safety of the mare.

Emma, of course, did not know that she was carrying twins, and only her maternal instinct helped her in this difficult situation.

Despite the difficult birth, both foals were completely healthy. The twins were named Will and Grace. They are now admired by the entire Internet, and everyone calls them “phenomena” because they are practically unique.

It was a true miracle of birth!

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