The dog, unnecessary to the owners, did not know how to cope with grief. He just froze, not wanting to live on

They say that kindness will save the world.

Maybe it will. Especially if it is a small world of one shaggy dog, a stray cat, an elderly person. We cannot save everyone, even the gods cannot. But doing something is important. It is important not to become like the former owners of Boston.

Its first owners were from Sydney. When they got tired of the dog, they threw him out like old trash.

The volunteers found it, sad, with longing in its intelligent eyes. They wanted to cry because a life-loving dog is not easy to bring to such despair.

Once the dog grew up next to people dear to it, protected them, served them, loved them with all its huge heart. It trusted them with its life – and in return received betrayal. They didn’t even bother to leave it at the orphanage.

It was rare for the staff to see such a desperate and lost dog. The dog just sat in the place where it was left, looked at one point, and waited for something.

It hoped.

It still loved.

The dog is only ten months old, but in the photo on the day, it was found, it looks sad as if it has been wandering for twenty years. It looked at the wall, did not react to attempts to stir it up, nothing bothered it anymore.

When the photos were posted on the shelter’s page, a lot of people started calling and asking about it. Many were ready to share the house with the dog because just looking at it they wanted to cry.

Is it possible in our cruel time to scatter such devoted love and loyalty?

Some people came to the orphanage, brought food and necessary things for Boston. These people then wrote about their impressions in the comments.

Everyone was amazed at how miserable the dog looked, depressed and pitiful.

How long will it take for it to recover?

People wanted to find a loving family for it as soon as possible. They told their own stories right there.

Many people had pets from the orphanage, they were also once rescued and nursed, they returned their faith in people.

Many people talked about their wonderful animals, loyal and affectionate.

Boston is gradually recovering, but a difficulty has arisen: he does not want to share the people it loves with anyone. It does not want other dogs and cats in the family. For the rest, this is an ideal smart and kind dog, which is desirable to be in the family as soon as possible. Whoever picks it up will definitely not regret it.

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