During the performance of an actor who fell backwards, a stray dog came running to rescue. It became famous all over the world

Dogs were tamed several thousand years ago, and four-legged friends have been with us constantly since then. Once upon a time, dogs guarded and protected people, and we warmed them in warm houses, fed and took care of them. To this day, we conclude mutually beneficial alliances, but now we are changing both with love and care. Dogs are no longer required to carry us in sleds or protect us from wild animals, now we are disinterested friends.

But dogs are used to thinking of us as wards. Even stray dogs love people and are eager to protect. Here is the story of an ordinary mongrel from Turkey.

The performance was held in the open air. You could get closer to the actors, look at the costumes, consider the emotions. But who would have thought that a dog would be interested in the talented acting of actor Numan Uzonsoy?

In the course of the play, he portrays the victim: falls from the saddle, writhes in pain.
It is assumed that he has nowhere to wait for salvation, he is in trouble. But the dog that was watching the show decided to help since no one else is coming. She heard groans and immediately rushed onto the stage.

The audience did not even immediately realize whether it was a staging or an accident.
The actor, of course, was very surprised, such a turn of the plot he did not rehearse. But the dog lay down next to him, made sure that he was fine, and went about its business further. And the actor, barely finished the play, began to search for a friendly dog to take home.

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