The woman was sure she had taken a poodle. But then the dog grew up

Today, when people choose dogs, they increasingly prefer small breeds. These pets do not need a lot of space and they are easy to keep at home. That’s just there are cases when the owners, who buy the long-awaited miniature dog, subsequently discover that settled next to each other almost “wolfhound.” So today’s heroine: got a small poodle, and after a while, the dog waved to the size of the mistress.

In 2019, England resident Nina Ayling noticed a small dog in the shelter – a cross between Newfoundland and a poodle. The kid was so fascinated by the girl that she did not hesitate to take the puppy to her home. He was only six weeks old at the time, but the girl assumed that the grown-up dog would not be much different in size.

The girl gave the puppy a name – Milo and settled it in his house. Some time passed, and the poodle began to grow not by day, but by the hour. Now the size of this “baby” exceeds one and a half meters!

To say that such a reincarnation of the dog surprised Nina – to say nothing. The girl saw the previous puppies of the same breed at the breeder, and none of them even close to the size of Milo.

Of course, life in four walls with such a giant – then another adventure, but walking on the street with Milo can hardly be called ordinary. In addition to the fact that the pet collects a fair number of surprising views of others, and also on almost every walk a girl with giant poodles begin to fill with questions. This is not surprising, because not every day you can meet similar dogs, the size of a person.

Milo can rightly be considered a local celebrity because he is almost inseparable from his mistress, everywhere appears with her, and such an appearance is remembered for a long time by others! Some came up with a poodle nickname – Chewbacca, very much a dog reminiscent of this character.

Although the pet looks frightening due to its dimensions, in fact, it is a very affectionate and loving creature. This reminds other poodles, which, like Milo, love stroking and hugging.



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