A mystery worth $ 25,000

Husband and wife lived together for 60 years. They had no secrets from each other, only the wife had one secret. On the top shelf, in her closet was a shoebox, which her husband never looked into.

Having already become very old, the wife fell ill, she decided to tell her secret and asked her husband to bring a box …

When the husband brought the box and opened it, he saw two very beautiful knitted dolls and a wad of money – $ 25,000 inside.

“What’s this?” asked the astonished husband.

“You know, before our wedding, my beloved grandmother revealed the secret to happy family life. She said: “If you get mad at your husband, never argue, but go and tie one doll”

Tears came to her husband’s eyes because there were only two dolls in the box.

Then he asked:

“Answer, what kind of money is that? You didn’t put them off from the money we spent on the farm, did you?”

“I’ve saved up them by selling dolls…”


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