When this sparrow was hit by a car, her partner did something that no one expected from a bird.

Not all love stories have a happy ending. For people who believe that animals do not feel love or pain, this tragic story that the photographer caught in his lens will change their views. The grief felt by this sparrow expresses the incredible feelings that the animals seemed incapable of.

When a female sparrow flew too low – deadly low – she was hit by a car and fell back on the road. Her partner did what no one expected from the bird. He rushed to her with anxiety… He saw that she was still moving, he brought her food, but it didn’t help.

He wanted to pick her up to get her off the road, but all his efforts were in vain. When he realized that she was already dead, he flapped his wings wildly and screamed.

Feeling when we lose our loved one is the scariest thing we can imagine. These photos show the agony that overtook the male. Really, it’s scary not to die, it’s scary to stay on Earth without the one you loved.

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