The woman opened a huge clam, hoping to find pearls there. But the find made her lose her speechless

Uncovering a clam isn’t such an easy job. It’s like splitting a stone with a machete: it takes special skills.

But people have learned this skill for one particular reason. And it’s not just to cook a clam though, this dish is definitely very tasty.

When it comes to pulling out a clam, it’s all about finding pearls. One pearl can go up to $ 5,000 or $ 10,000, especially if it’s the right kind of pearl.

Freshwater pearls are the most valuable. They form when small particles get stuck in the flesh of a clam or oyster. To solve the problem with these particles, the shellfish releases concentric layers of calcium carbonate. This forms the pearl.

It turns out that the natural way to reduce the discomfort of shellfish turns into a precious reward. But for this woman, the word “reward” would be an understatement.

When she finally managed to uncover the clam, she was stunned.
As you can see, she found pearls there.

But in reality, she found a LOT of pearls.

The study of the inner part of the clam has led to the discovery of even more pearls than she expected.

Any of them were not completely round, or even white. Spherical pearls from a clam can not cost a lot of money. They may be cheap, but they’re still cool.

This clam has experienced many difficulties in life. The further she went into the flesh of the clam, the more pearls she found.
We’re not sure if they are valuable or not, yet it was worth it to see.

In the end, it was precisely this amount of pearls that she managed to find.

We will definitely keep an eye on how much money she will be able to get for such a quantity of pearls. But we must admit how amazing our world is.


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