Cat-mother brought her kittens to the clinic

An amazing story happened in the city of Izmir in Turkey. Hospital staff even saved the video. The red strong cat carries a kitten in her teeth, rushes down the corridor with the most businesslike look. It seems like she knows that people here will help her.

It was the most ordinary hospital, and it never had any veterinarians. But the cat remembers kindness. The staff of this hospital sometimes fed and gave water to this cat. Employees of this hospital can’t keep cat packs near the hospital, but they sometimes feed random cats in the hope that someone will take them home.

The nurses remembered the clever red cat well, but then she didn’t look pregnant.

Why did the cat go for help? Her kittens need treatment

Cat gave birth to her kittens on the street. Because of this, babies were born sick: parasites, infections. Even the eyes flowed and did not open.

Doctors understood: the cat for a reason decided to take her to a crowded place with her babies. She came in time. The infection didn’t have time to destroy the tissues. The doctors could save eyes by the usual droplets, however, they picked up the drops only after consulting with veterinarians.

Such trust, such sincere love…

And it is not surprising that the locals are delighted with the cat and immediately took family at home.

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