I brought ants out of the garden with banana skins. I laid it out and for three years I don’t see these insects, I’ll tell you the details

These unwanted guests are familiar to every gardener. Ants are known for their brusqueness. Barely gaped-and already there is an anthill, these insects have laid paths and scurry with a businesslike look. And they begin to graze aphids.Someone, they seem useful, they say, they will get rid of the rest of the insects, they do not touch the planting.
Of course, they will! On the contrary, they breed and feed on their sweet secretions.

You can get rid of ants with hundreds of purchased funds. But not every one works as written on the bright label. Not all of them are safe for the soil, not all are effective. And the ants, once settled, begin to build whole villages of houses, and it will be difficult to dig them completely!
Oh, and we fought with them for a long time! Eventually, I started trying every method I’d ever heard of, even the most stupid or weird ones. And then I got a banana one.
I wasn’t sure, but I decided to check it out. Well,what am I losing? Several bananas?

You will need a banana peel, the pulp you can eat.. But you needn’t to take bright green or yellow peel. You need an overripe skin, when it is already in brownish spots.
I don’t know about ants’ tastes, but they don’t notice the green one.
So, the ripe bananas are bought, the pulp is eaten. It’s time to prepare the peel.

Preparation process
You will need ten grams of boric acid, which is diluted in a liter of hot water. In cold water, the acid does not completely dissolve. After cooling the resulting solution,the banana skins put into it. The minimum infusion time is 2 hours, the maximum is two days. The peel should be saturated with acid.
Then the processed skins are scattered throughout the garden in places where the ants are particularly active, periodically adding new ones. The old ones cease to interest the ants quite quickly.
You don’t have to worry about the soil, the microelement boron only improves the quality soil, accelerates the ripening of fruits. And the ants disappeared as they never were.


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