Cute kittens: photos of cats before and after adoption.

Sometimes, crossing the threshold of the house of caring owners homeless cat can change itself so much, that it will be impossible to recognize it from the old photo. The following examples show that animals which have found their home and family, can be truly happy.

Last July this kitten was scared and sad, and now it has grown up and makes its owners happy every day.

This cute cat’s name is Remi. It has lived without permanent owners for six years. Remi has found shelter in a family of very kind people. Rem is safe now!

Could you imagine that this skinned and sad kitten would become such a beautiful cat!

Almost a year has passed since this black wierd kitten found his home.

Leo was born under the stairs in 2012. From his early years, this cat has lived with this guy. Leo and his young owner are getting more handsome every year!

You can see how this little cross-eyed baby expresses his gratitude.

Eight years ago, this little kitten who was blind from birth, became the best birthday present.

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